The Prozac Sonata

In those pictures
from that period
we notice a lack of proportion.

Her face stares at its absence.
Her children, worried, embrace little more.

'I used to be depressed, ' she tells us, viewers, as a witness,
explaining this, now former state of mind.
She used to read Nietzsche, she says.
'My motto used to be: And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.'

The scriptwriter for the Discovery Channel and the special effect artist
lead us at the speed of photons into the depth of her white-gray cerebral hell.

In the left hemisphere we can map a fluorescent nebula - a good bye to the lost youth.
(A hinted smell of Sulfur) .
In that cerebral fissure - a final goodbye to the first household pet.
(Smell of rotting grass) .

'He said: Ma'am, you need Prozac, ' we keep monitoring.
The nebula ruptures, fissures perform a triple jump:
The blue withdraws, the yellow fades, and a reddish mass pumps reddish life into her plumpy arms.

'Afterwards I dedicated myself to painting.
Trying to describe what I'd been through.
I also lost twenty pounds along the way! "she adds with excitement,
and suddenly we fear that some wind (an archaeologist with tiny bones)
could blow her once again into the Nietzschean heights.
While she smiles from the screen, with her Prozac-eyes,
Indubitably Nietzschean.

* Translated from Serbian by Vesna Stamenkovic

by Dragan Radovancevic

Comments (3)

I like this poem, its nicely writen
A very powerful poem, one I have had the pleasure of introducing to many of my friends, none of whom knew it.
This almost makes sense of the nonsensical. An incredible poem.