ELB ( / Friday Harbor, Washington)

On An Island Fair...

Sun making sparkling diamonds on ripples of the sea
As it rushes making soothing sounds, while breaking on the lea.
Seagulls resting on a rock like white patterns of a quilt,
While Orca whales go "blowing" by, and boaters should feel guilt
For following too closely, to disturb them in their play,
Or spoil the feeding pattern that they follow every day.
Two eagles on currents gliding, so high up in the sky..
While down below a sailboat, lazily goes by.
The grass is turning yellow, and Nature's drying out,
But yet she still leaves beauty in other things about.
The blossoms of the wild rose exchanged for red "rose hips"
That make delicious Jelly, and makes one smack their lips!
The blossoms of the thistle have changed to greyish fluff...
But it's time the Golden Finch come, and will use the stuff
To make their nests so nice and soft for wee ones when they're born.
The yearlings of both cow and horse, look as tho' they're shorn...
For, during these much warmer days, they lose the thickened hair
That had been a protection, when the cooler days were there.
There is SO much enjoyment in Nature when it's left
To follow every season. In the City it's bereft
Of all the trees and bushes, wild flowers, and the bays
That still are not polluted..are as fresh as earlier days.
At least it's still a Haven, where City folks can stay
To get away from pressure... and enjoy another way
Of living, near to Nature...and thereby get release
From problems, and their worries...and once again feel PEACE!

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