Just Before April Came

THE SNOW piles in dark places are gone.
Pools by the railroad tracks shine clear.
The gravel of all shallow places shines.
A white pigeon reels and somersaults.

Frogs plutter and squdge-and frogs beat the air with a recurring thin steel sliver of melody.
Crows go in fives and tens; they march their black feathers past a blue pool; they celebrate an old festival.
A spider is trying his webs, a pink bug sits on my hand washing his forelegs.
I might ask: Who are these people?

by Carl Sandburg

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He gives us his joy, That our grief He may destroy: Till our grief is fade and gone He doth sit by us and moan. Great and meaningful message. Thanks for sharing.
....wonderful thoughts on others sorrow ★
I have a vision to write like this, only if god would bless me enough to.pa
This poem is pretty awesome. I like Blake's style. The way he talks about sympathy and empathy is really well done.
Beautiful Poem! This poem embraced my heart the moment I read the first line. Great write but I do not agree with the last line, other than that Mr Blake has done a fabulous job!