(7 February 1979 / Shillong)

On Being A Star

You need tougher stuff to remain a Star, though a distant invisible one; most so called Stars are misunderstood fireworks; they blaze and disappear sooner from our skies. But what crackle they make in all their pompous display.

Celebrities and icons, upheld and adored by myriads.
How sooner does your vigor die, your fire go away;
Perhaps, an overdose of heroine, or some fear of rejection;
You burn with your stardom as fireworks up in the sky.

Retain your calm, get underframes of truth and grace,
Despise not others, do good and learn good to praise.
For, if you stick to passion, it’ll eat you anyway;
But, if you stick to wisdom, it’ll keep you all the way.

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