At This Moment.....

At this moment means a lot for me

The moment when I saw your face

My heart felt silent and your words felt great to me

I felt that love rules the world and not only that moment

You showed me what real love could do to keep me happy

and you fulfilled by dreams with everything that I have today

From this moment I felt you are mine

and I can promise anything to make you happy with my love

When you wrap me in your arms, never felt alone

and you made me to understand the value of love

Like the moon dance between the clouds and the sky

I dance between your heart and soul with my emotions

When the nights became like a romantic world to me

then I felt my moment with you like my dream come true

From that moment your image is deepen in my heart

and want to clutch you in place where you feel enlightened

Like an ocean wave your kisses wet my lips every time

while my foot prints leave mark in the sand with shyness

From this moment there is no one else I could see

other than our two hearts together and love that sets free

These are the moment I want to be with you for ever

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

by Ravi Sathasivam

Comments (23)

nice! great poem phillis, you will always be remembered for your sweet poems!
Food please
Can feel the acrid sense of lost hope.....a nyc feel
lasi mo gakiliwi nhoihiooihhioihoiohiohiohioi
Jhjhjhjhjhjjhjh you are a f word nig piece of garbage go die its better than any thing you can write make it way better you peace of trash
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