On Brendan And Jerry On L T V

The chats on Nature between Brendan Murphy and Jerry Riordan from Millstreet far away
To see and listen to for to say the least interesting and always brings enjoyment to my day
When Jerry says Brendan is a fountain of knowledge on Nature due respect to the man he does pay
Since Brendan is one who knows about Nature and i must agree with what Jerry of him does say

Brendan is a man who knows much about Nature and learning of her ways he does enjoy
He has been living near and learning of our Earth Mother ever since he was a primary school going boy
Millstreet has plenty of celebrated people but of Brendan's type there they are in need of more
And it is sad to think that people who love Nature in communities are never to the fore

Jerry does play his part in the conversation since he is good at drawing Brendan out
Since Brendan in his ways is not over talkative though on Nature he knows what he is on about
They did mention that berry eating migratory birds in Ireland this would have to include the redwing thrushes and fieldfare
Due to Climate Change like most other migratory bird species of late in Winter months becoming rare

From listening to Brendan and Jerry talking on Nature on L T V in Millstreet one never fails to learn something new
On the natural environment Brendan is one well informed though sad to think his type nowadays are few
For many years he has lived close to Nature and of Nature's ways so much he does surely know
He learned from looking at wildlife in the fields of Millstreet where from a boy to manhood he did grow.

by Francis Duggan

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