On Brendan Murphy's Birdfeeding

His short film on seed eating birds on the bird feeder in his back yard on the internet seen Worldwide
From his beloved home place of Millstreet far beyond the borders of Duhallow's green countryside
Brendan Murphy to Nature's wild creatures is one who is quite a good friend
On kind people like he is in depths of cold Winter weather for their very survival small birds do depend

Great tits, chaffinches, greenfinches and house sparrows some of the birds on his bird feeder i did recognize
That Brendan is one who loves Nature to anyone who know him is not any surprise
Nature's creatures are in need of more friends like him since many species of birds are becoming rare
And wild creatures in the cold Winter weather to survive are in need of some human care

Brendan's discussions with Jerry Riordan on L T V are quite enlightening one can say
For to hear them discuss Duhallow's wildlife does never fail to make my day
Of Nature's ways we never stop learning that we learn as we live seems so true
And we learn from those who love Nature and credit for this is their due

Brendan Murphy's short film on L T V on small birds in his backyard to say the least is a delight
This is a man who truly loves Nature and on Nature's ways does have great insight
It is thanks to those like him in Duhallow that the woods are not destined for a silent Spring
He helps Nature by feeding the wild birds and this is a commendable thing.

by Francis Duggan

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