On Buff Banded Rail

With mottled brown back and wings, dark barred unders, buff head and breast and under throat gray
They are birds that i do not see every day
Though quite distinctive once seen to recognize them you will never again fail
Rallus philipensis better known as the buff banded rail
On scrub patches and long grass near water from predators they hide
Quiet and secretive birds of the countryside
If they sense that danger to them is anywhere near
Into the thick cover they are quick to disappear
Five to eight pale spotted pink and brown eggs the female bird lay
In grass cup nest in heavy cover well hidden away
Not among Australia's better known birds since them one does not often see
They are quite shy and wary and like their privacy
Quite beautiful to look at and once seen you never again fail
For to recognize them the buff banded rail.

by Francis Duggan

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