On Bush Flies

Rural Australia in Summer the land of bush flies
They start off their buzzing just after sunrise
In the paddocks and parks in and near and far of every country town
Buzzing all day long till just after sundown

Bush flies on your hair and on your hands, face and eyes
And bush flies on your food, bread, meat and french fries
Addicted to salt they find on our bodies and food they do seem to be
Every day in their billions them you do hear and do see

The plagues of locusts arrive and in a few weeks have gone
But the tiny dark bush flies they do linger on
On your exposed skin every day perhaps searching for salt
And what is in their nature can hardly be their fault

Of human kind it's sort has never been shy
Quite an intrusive flying insect is the dark tiny bush fly
In rural Australia there are billions of them buzzing everywhere
Despite fly sprays and insect repellents wherever there are humans and animals bush flies are also there.

by Francis Duggan

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