On Butterflies And Little Girls

Butterflies and little girls are
almost exactly the same
The only things that differ are
the letters in their names
Both are beautiful and
exquisite and rare
and your heart stops beating
when you take the time to care

Tine feet, and little fingers –
a baby smell that always lingers
The beauty of a butterfly we
only see for a moment,
but a baby girl we know
lives in our hearts forever.

(written in 2000)


Comments (4)

Butterflies and little girls are both wonderful to observe. I have one comment though butterflies are quiet they do not make a noise and like little girls we notice only their beauty. Lovely poem. Bob
beautiful, it reminds me of my 'baby girl'; thanx, cheerZ!
They certainly do for me. I love this vision. and I wrote of a similar one in a poem ''This Is Beauty.' I don't know what it is. Girls are very difficult to raise. But the charm the possess is one of life's treasures. Well said and a pleasant way with the written word. GW62
Excellent write.The comparison of two beautiful creation of nature is thrilling.The rhymes do the rest effect on the reader.I liked it very much.It is true the two are alike in mosst of the ways.........my 10