On Cardinal George Pell

Though not lacking in public support
He will have his day in court
And though i can only wish him well
It is human law will judge Cardinal Pell

Of accusations of sexual abuse many decades ago
Perhaps going back half of a century or so
If committed to stand trial a jury on his guilt or innocence will decide
This case is in the news Worldwide

Even if exonerated by the courts the doubt on him will remain
For the ageing George Pell life will never be the same again
In the Autumn of his life span
Recent photos of him show of a broken man

A friend and confidante of Francis the Pope
With the pressure of the serious accusations against him he has to cope
Whether he is guilty or innocent will not be for me to say
It is only the Australian justice system will decide either way

His legal team have the huge reputation to defend
Of the man who has made enemies and has many a friend
One to many Worldwide a familiar face
May well live his last years in disgrace.

by Francis Duggan

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