On Childhood

For many, childhood is like a happy place -
Where they want to return back or escape.

A time, when days and nights were carefree,
When there was not much responsibility.

When life was easy going and simple,
When life's problems did not cripple -

Our young aspirations or big dreams,
When everything is possible it seems.

But then there are some who dreaded that phase,
If possible they would like to remove it and erase,

Children who were abused, bullied and scarred forever,
Children who were traumatized and could never recover.

May we offer our next generation a brighter and better childhood,
A supporting atmosphere where they never feel misunderstood.

by Bipasha Dutt

Comments (3)

Easy going and simple! ! With the muse of life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
childhood is a great part of our life, full of memories, thanks for sharing the poem with us
A pragmatic write! The last two lines bring precious message to the society! Thanks for sharing....10