On Clara In July

I retain the mental images of evenings in July
When the brown larks above Clara Mountain did fly
Fading musical specks in the gray of the sky
I only have memories of Summers gone by

When the whortleberries the tiny blue fruits of the heather were ripe for to eat
Well worth the uphill climb to enjoy the natural treat
That in the taste buds of the mouth did taste oh so sweet
On the old hill overlooking the Town of Millstreet

As long as we retain the precious gift of memory the good memories last
Of the things we enjoyed that we did in the past
Of Clara in July the mental images i do retain
That in visualizations i visit again

Alone with Mother Nature just before sundown
Overlooking the green fields west of Millstreet Town
At a pleasant time of year with Summer in her prime
My memories go back the years decades in time

It is true of the past that it is in the forever gone
But the mental images today in me are living on
Of when i eat whortleberries on Clara in July
And the brown larks were singing in the gray evening sky.

by Francis Duggan

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