On Climate Change

'Twould seem that the Polar Winters are becoming far less cold
And of the consequences of global warming by climate experts we've been told
And with the meltdown of the polar ice caps the over swollen seas
Will flood across the coastal lands creating millions of refugees
In my simple words i only quote here what the climate experts say
And we are in part responsible for the weather of today
We drive environmentally unfriendly vehicles and burn polluting fossil fuels
And we foul the air and waterways where Mother Nature rules
The World at it's driest and warmest since weather records began
And Nature of course will outlive the family of man
For Nature lives forever the one who will never die
And the talk of human immortality is an imaginary lie
And the polar ice caps melting and it comes as no surprise
The talk of impending disaster when the sea levels rise.

by Francis Duggan

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