On Cloning

The news we get today may mean,
That every cell has every gene,
That every cell is like a seed,
That doesn't cease to grow, and breed.
Man, now, has gotten round to know,
Just how to get a cell to grow,
Into a body, just the same,
As that body, whence it came,
It's one way, nature makes a start,
And makes us, also, do our part.
There are those who repudiate
This concept of no need to mate.
Perhaps the tale of Adam's rib,
May turn out not to be a fib.
Maybe, for nature, it's not new,
And nature shows us what to do.
It may be just another way
That we can help postpone the day,
When so much life, with which we're linked,
May leave our world, and be extinct.

by Frank Greenberg

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thank you for making this poem this poem must be the only pro-cloning one on the internet.: P