On Common Wombats

In places where they once were plentiful nowadays they are extinct or few
That common wombats are on the decrease is not saying anything that is new
Of a family of the World's largest burrowing marsupials in Australia only to be found
With their powerful paws they excavate big tunnels and burrow their way underground

One reason many farmers look on them as a pest
And with their burrowing ways are far from impressed
For to say wombats are not endangered would be to pretend
For their survival they are in need of every friend

Due to the increase on motorized traffic on every highway
More wombats are losing their lives every day
On the decrease in wombat numbers human activity a huge part does play
That wombats need friends for their species survival only true for to say

Australia's largest marsupial of the burrowing kind
The female with a pouch with a rear entrance to keep her young clean when she is digging by nature designed
Animals that are seldom seen out and about in daylight
They eat grass and roots in the paddocks at night.

by Francis Duggan

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