On Copenhagen

Since Climate Change will affect everybody from it we have no place to hide
The World leaders assembled in Copenhagen should put political interests aside
For the survival of humanity and all other life forms as well
Without a Worldwide agreement on huge cutbacks on carbon emissions life for us could become Earthly Hell,
The affects of Global Warming are obvious in the Polar ice caps meltdown
The coastal lands will become uninhabitable as well as every flat coastal town
Famines in the World will become widespread in huge floodings and periods of drought
Ignore the words of the Climate Change sceptics they do not know what they are on about
Many of them supposed to be educated people yet are they too blind for to see?
The changes to the environment around them they do seem quite arrogant to me
With carbon emissions due to industrialization great harm to the natural environment we've done
And the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen should be of interest to everyone
Humans have come so far in science and technology since I was a primary school going boy
Yet sad to think due to our greed for Nature's riches our Natural Environment we are trying to destroy.

by Francis Duggan

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