On Crows

Corvids are not good singers as everyone know
But few birds as clever as the black feathered crow
I have see ravens dip hard bread to soften in water which made me realize how clever they are
Of all the birds i know of the cleverest by far
Crows for their cleverness are widely known
As thinkers in the bird World in a class of their own
Stories of their thinking ability does abound
Smarter birds than crows are not to be found
Species of corvids does range far and wide
In towns and cities and in the countryside
One often does hear them on the tall trees
Their raucous cawing carrying in the breeze
Not a good singer the black feathered crow
But of cleverer birds than them i do not know.

by Francis Duggan

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Oh! Enjoyed this so much! So informative and well written Giving us the correct show Of what a Crow, Is all about, To be remembered, Without a doubt.