On Daithi Dowling

Such sad news out of Millstreet In Duhallow Daithi Dowling has passed away
In St Mary's in view of Cashman's Hill his last remains now lay
He will be missed by friends and family and everyone who knew him in Millstreet
Daithi was an honorable person as nice a fellow as one could wish to meet

Predeceased by his beloved wife Maura she passed away just a few years ago
Time that does rust steel and iron eventually becomes everybody's foe
All of us humans are born as mortals for us there is a last night and day
Though good memories of people like Daithi Dowling does long outlive bodily decay

As a young man he played for Millstreet and Ballydaly in hurling and Gaelic Football
In his prime years in the nineteen fifties and sixties he was handsome athletic and tall
In his lifetime he was quite a likeable fellow and his friends in numbers did grow
And it truly can be said of Daithi that he was one who did have the inner glow

He was one who led by good example devoted to his children and Maura his late wife
And it can be said of Daithi Dowling that he was a man who truly did love life
It is so sad to learn of his passing but such a day will come to us all
For everyone there is a last Winter a last Spring and Summer and last Fall

For all of us there will be a last sunrise and for everyone there is a last sundown
He will be missed by many in Millstreet and in places far beyond Millstreet Town
Hope in death that he did not suffer that from life his was a painless release
In the cemetery of St Mary's may Daithi Dowling forever rest in peace.

by Francis Duggan

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