On David Hicks

Hundreds of men taken from a war zone and flown half way across the World and locked up without trial for a few years
And one David Hicks an Australian now to face a military trial I can scarce believe my ears
The man with so much power George W Bush the laws of battle re-write
Is what was once seen as dishonourable now seen as just and right.

Not that long ago all prisoners of war at cessation of hostilities were set free
But what was once is now no more at least that's how 'twould seem to me
Yet might is right as we well know and it has always been that way
And David Hicks who was on the losing side the huge price for that must pay.

Mr Bush who has re-written the laws of battle a huge can of worms he has opened here
And his own soldiers of becoming prisoners of war because of him now have to live in fear
If you do not show any mercy to others any mercy to you they will not show
And the mistrust between us and they only seems to grow and grow and grow.

David Hicks to face a military trial for which there is no appeal
Yet he has not killed another human being I ask is this for real
His only crime was he fought on the losing side against the might of the U S A
And for that he and hundreds of more like him as prisoners detained in remote Guantanamo Bay

by Francis Duggan

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