On Defense

A stain glass window's mystery,
one color making many more.
Lingering questions what will see,
avoiding stones thrown during war.

One color making many more,
diamonds in the rough seeking fame.
Avoiding stones thrown during war,
springing traps found within a name.

Diamonds in the rough seeking fame,
to outlive destined span of life.
Springing traps found within a name,
try to take away treason's knife.

To outlive destined span of life,
surrounding countless grains of sand.
Try to take away treason's knife,
sunshine no longer understand.

Surrounding countless grains of sand,
still fishing for some food for thought.
Sunshine no longer understand,
bridging lessons so harshly taught.

Still fishing for some food for thought,
knowing the path continues on.
Bridging lessons so harshly taught,
nothing remains when trust is gone.

Knowing the path continues on,
choice dictates how emotions bleed.
Nothing remains when trust is gone,
building walls in defense of need.

Choice dictates how emotions bleed,
lingering questions what will see.
Building walls in defense of need,
a stain glass window's mystery. -Kidd

by Newport Knights

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