On Domestic Violence

Why do some feel so inadequate
That they have to resort to the use of force
Instead of reason?

Is it a tradition
Or a period of transition
Spoilt brats to grown adults
That need educating
Or a brain transplant?

Is it addiction
That turns humans to lesser beings
Stop these excuses
Grow up and now face the music.

If force you use
It's the Police Force you'll have to face
Law and Order please
We cannot have beasts
Hitting anyone
Be it in the home
Workplace or behind a wheel.

If you can't take it don't wed
Better free then bleeding
You don't need a partner to survive
Single parents abound
Silence your enemy
In such cases speak out
You don't have to take any sh**
Not from anyone.

Don't love those who don't deserve it
Don't stay unless you wish
To be treated like a punching bag
YOU deserve love
Not black and blue eyes
Smiles not scowls
So if you can't find them with a partner
Be strong and alone
Say good riddance to bad rubbish
You deserve freedom
Divorce the b****

by Holly Moon

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