End Racism

We all must bring our
Racism to end.
A message to all, I long to send.
The colors of the world,
All join as one.
For the Lord is our shepherd,
And we as his son.
Christ made all man in the
Likes of him.
So please let us all, "End Racism".

by Robert M Hensel

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Oh yes, keep writing, I would like to see more poems from you--Melvina
Sounds OK, but I would be very careful of that rich husband. Richness doesn't necessarily bring happiness. Abuse could be a possibility, however without those two complications, it could be OK. I was married for 39 years and then lost my wonderful husband, he wasn't rich in finances, but we had so much more and I miss him so. We can use more money, but I still like that old fashioned LOVE! I like your poem anyway though and gave it a (10) .