On Finding What We'Re Looking For

Oh hi! So you clicked on this one,
what was you looking for, a poem?
Well of course, and you was feeling kind of....
Yeah I know me too....
I click on poems like that, perhaps some by you?
And find;

sunsets, endings, suicides
sunrises, beginnings, sweet surprise
autumn golds
spring romances
winters old and cold
summer bouquets of blossomed thoughts
poems long (not often read right to the end)
some very short but not short of meaning
poems in sunlight gleaming
or hiding in dark foreboding feelings;
Miss... spelt out heartfelt rendings
Mr....... sagacious or just pretendings?
Mrs..... oh I like your endings

Are you still reading this
perhaps searching for some bliss;
a kiss of words upon the lips of mind
suffocating all those thoughts unkind
that wind their way to broken hearts,
healing, feeling,
like bathing in soft honeyed early morning dew
and with a message heaven sent for you?

Could you write one just for me?
A beautiful soliloquy
with heartfelt outpouring of emotions
in words that sing of simple, gentle, everlastings
and not of all that's always passing;
it will live as long as I
once read with open eyes
and reaching heart, it there resides.

What was you looking for, a poem?
Look inside,
I'm sure it's already flowing.

by David Taylor

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'What was you looking for, a poem? Look inside, I'm sure it's already flowing'. Just like you did eh David! - nice one mate. Shaun.