Something Special

Of the most beautiful things,
Of all the things we have here on earth,
The things which to the mind, give-
A satisfaction none could ever define.
The which permit, from within
Streams of love and mountains of joy-
Alongside the gentle night zephyr
To flow endlessly to the mind, the spirit;
And fill void and pain with love

Amongst the valley lilies, scented roses,
Butterflies, flowing waters, night stars,
Wonder tales, poetry lines, braided hair,
Sweet melodies and figure-
These, all these and many more

Among these, yet, is another -uninitiated
Of the greatest essence to humanity
The which was specially made, given freely
To every man by He who made all things
To -by grace- afford by degrees, solace;
When all the beauty we behold seem to fade away,
Disappear into long forgotten paths;
'the power of the mind, then, to drift away,
To more peaceful places thrive' -amongst all

by Gabriel Jirgba

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I love 'thinking' poems - thankyou.