French Love Letter(English Version)

I miss you
I love you
I wish you were mine
But i know you do not want me
And i know you do not need me
Am i destined to be alone forever?
Forever is a really long time
But id rather spend it alone if i cant have you with me
You say you love me
But i dont think you mean it
Otherwise you'd be here...
Holding me
I'll love you forever


by Elizabeth Burnworth

Comments (9)

Heil Hans, yes master.
The three spelling errors did not at all prohibit me to enjoy the poem thoroughly. It is a wonderful piece of poetry, extremely well written and very rich in meaning. PS to Juan and Adeline: if the spelling is so much on your nerve, just copy it and paste it in word, correct the spelling and go on and fully enjoy the poem. :) Always look at the bright side of life :)
I am old. The last four lines are welcomed.
A thoughtful poem and a positive finish. The poem really rings in the mind.
Put aside the misspellings and your devotion to SPELLCHECK, please, and tell us how someone's error in scanning the poem on the computer 'detracts from the TRUE meaning of the poem'? What do you think the true meaning is, as opposed to a false meaning? Perhaps you were distracted from concentrating, is that it?
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