'Sharda' The Goddess Of Power Or Knowledge

Everyone bow with respect and knowledge,
See the impact and mutely acknowledge,
Clear gain and scoring the edge,
For universal benefit we take pledge,

People may worship divine power,
So we do and pray Goddess “Sharda”
Mother of all with knowledge profound,
Height to glory and top position found,

Had she been not there staying within?
World barren and confined with secrets thin,
What an ideas, eager to find, zeal to venture,
Make us perfect with seasons and mature,

Illiterate turn great with her blessings,
Sans bless people remain blank and sense missing,
Lucky are those who harness it proper,
Rest roam aimless and prove flopper,

Authority they assert as glow appear,
Ordinary and normal pretend with cloths wear,
Honour and respect with people’s cheer,
Permanent place find by dint ability sheer,

World has witnessed might of thought,
Wars averted without being caught,
No bloodshed, no misery as happiness sought,
So with HIS grace secrets in light brought

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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