MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

On Hopeful Knees

My God my God what have I done?
Again I’ve walked astray
Although I try to serve Your Son
I fail most every day

It seems I’m slipping all the time
A horror in Your sight
As if I’m prone to any crime
And prowlers in the night

I know my God I’ve done You wrong
I’ve done my neighbours ill
Singing again the devil’s song
And dancing to his will

I’ve watched him laugh I’ve seen his smile
Within his lustful arms
Slipping a yard falling a mile
A victim to his charms

Not lightly do I come my Lord
Nor flippant do I plea
Allow once more life’s perfect Way
My foolish eyes to see

Humbly in faith to You I kneel
In hope I turn once more
Knowing my heart the way I feel
Lord please don’t close Your Door

Please shine again Salvation’s Light
Rekindle Heaven’s Fire
Renew my strength my will to fight
Make Christ my soul desire

Quicken the will that once was there
Let love within run true
Hear my cry please hear my prayer
These things I beg of You

by Michael P. Johnson

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