On Horses (And Other Tragically Breakable Things)

[In the spirit of Sylvia Plath and with all the respect that I can possibly muster, I offer this... as just another horse poem]

The whisperer knows the secret of shame
Whether by cunning or whip, the final
Breaking’s the same
When a heart is held captive, there enslaved
The soul it belongs to cannot be saved.

The ruthless, perhaps seeming gentle of hand,
Stalk the remaining few beasts
Still roaming the land,
Lassoing their freedom and making a claim
Branding the creatures, declaring them tame.

But, there’s a difference between those
That were born to be free and those in
The barns of captivity,
Where souls are broken before their birth -
A flaw in design or product of hurt.

Broken is broken, once a soul has been reigned
But, it is by its own choice that
a wild heart remains
The wildest of creatures, will break from the hold
While the rest are corralled, saddled or sold.

Future generations will bear the final result
In the foaling of barned fillies or
Free roaming colts
The souls that were broken will ever be so
And the ones as yet wild, nobody knows.

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such a deep yet very true poem it is definatly my favorite on this site i sat for ages digesting every word
This link to my bio will be better sent without the space between the' http: //www ' that, for some reason, separates when posted here. Close them when searching the address box. http: //www.cyberwit.net/rev.htm ...louie
I am touched by your empathy for animal life Were we all not primitively free and wild as life first existed? Are we, as Humans, not tamed and controlled by laws and religious doctrine? Labeled and circumvented, to be or not? By profession or starving peasant? Are we pets of, or have pets of their unconditional Love? Horses seem to love their care takers and carry them faithfully. Many animals will not socially domesticate and many more will never tame and be enslaved. Such is 'Man's selfish and aggressive inherent nature War will eventually free all life to the internment of Earth Forsaken punishing Thank you Christine, I love most of all of your in-depth, inspirational poetry Please link me to your Bio, should you care to, and I will do the same for all. http: //www.cyberwit.net/rev.htm ...louie louielevy@aol.com ...louie
'And the ones as yet wild'............ You write of the ultimate free spirit!
Fantastic insight Christine