On Imagination

THY various works, imperial queen, we see,
How bright their forms! how deck'd with pomp
by thee!
Thy wond'rous acts in beauteous order stand,

by Phillis Wheatley Click to read full poem

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Phillis Wheatley is one of the most remarkable figures in literature. Reading this poem you might imagine her to have been a well-educated European lady. She was in fact an almost entirely self-educated American black slave, though she was freed following the death of her mistress, Mrs Wheatley. Her life is as interesting as her work and she became something of a celebrity, even traveling to England, though it ended in tragic circumstances at an early age.Her writing is in faultless, classical style but it is fascinating to consider what she might have produced had she lived to read the works of the Romantic revolution.
I wish that Phillis Wheatley had lived to a ripe old age, and that she could have had an opportunity to examine and write more about her early life, slavery, and her experiences in life. What a wonderful mind and imagination she must certainly have had.
Astonishing use of images and lanscapes views.I can almost share his visions and the flowing words have strentgh enough to lift us by the waves.Loved it.
I really enjoyed this poem. I always wished i could write with thy and that such language, very admirable poem. Congratulations! !