On Jamaican Debt: (10) Poems (Poem 8)

poem 8

Descendants of wicked, vile, crooked families; humans manufactured to be white

Preserving their legacy of hate & crimes by laying claim to their ancestral rights

This is the height of The Crown’s [LLC] rule & influence on human dignity

This is what the Empire still does, this ain’t just what they did to me

My child lives in the squalidness of an alien force’s wealth

My elders sacrifice their bodies & crucify their health

So that some wicked witch of The West can wear some robes with spotted pelts

Awakening this evil is like befriending Hitler, Pope Innocent, Stalin, or Mao

From a true human perspective based on the toll taken, it’s too late now

The truth of Jamaican debt; is it is owed by The Crown [LLC]


by Analogous to Tower 7 Ameaning

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