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On June 1st Of That Year

I wish I could take back everything that I have ever said that hurt you
I wish I could have another one of our 'important talks'

But that's not going to happen
Since you didn't make it thought ther night
I just hope you didnt feel much pain,
When you died

I still can remember the call
When I picked up the phone and it was the hospital
And they told me that you was in a bad car crash
And that you had died instanly

I just wish I would have said I love you
And gave you a kiss
Instead of being pissed at you
Over something so childish

The women told me that you was under the influence of drugs
I just sat there and started weeping
I told you earlier that day that drugs was going to kill you

I just wish I wasn't right
I just wish I could hold you in my arms just one more time
I just wish I could have been their to say good-bye

There is not one day that goes by
That your not in my thoughts

It has be so hard for me the past month it has been hell
I told you if you died
I would be able to handle it

That I would have to join you as well
You dont have to worry anymore
Because in a second or two
I will be with you

People thought I was stronger then what I was
Then they found out that
I couldn't handle the presure of the world by myself anymore

When little Brandi hung herself
On June 1st of that year


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