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…on Leaving Sheffield Station
AW (A Long while ago / England)

…on Leaving Sheffield Station

Poem By Adrian Wait

The sun unveils the secret myriad
through rain splashed windows
A thousand rainbows on the train
Stare back at me in droplets
I read my book I rest my eyes
This journey will soon pass,
Departure, and returning
bear sorrows of there own
window seat my divide
fellow travellers kept at bay
Swimming in my book,
silence protects and enfolds
gazing through the raindrops
on the window of the train
in silent wonder of the passing
life’s shadows we shall never know
Surplus to requirement
and invisible we remain
Prisms of light confine the hope
heavens tears captured
on the window of a train
Convey our hidden fears
then, folding of a broadsheet,
revives us for a while
recalling fellow travellers
we look up, catch the eye, and smile
Then returning to our window
We glimpse the hills afar
I wonder if I’ll walk there,
I wonder where we are
Watching as life goes by
Memories of our departures
In sadness release their sigh
Then beads of our yesterdays
Uninvited tears begin to flow
Recollect our misplaced moments
through the raindrops on a Train

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Comments (2)

Adrian, I feel I may have been sat next to you. Wonderful capture.10/10 Ian
Kind of sweet. Sad, of course. The image of your tears merging with the raindrops on the window is touching. When I read a poem that's in a single, long stanza, I feel grateful when I can just follow! : -) I think you convey the sense of being alone on a train journey-'will I walk in those hills? ', etc etc-quite well.