On Loneliness

How can anyone be lonely
With so many people on this planet
Who would love a kind word
From someone like you?

How can anyone be lonely
When there are people who could use your help
Elderly people wanting a visitor
Or a little child needing just a smile from you?

How can anyone be lonely
When volunteers are needed daily
To help out at hospitals, rehabs, schools
Or animals who want “you” to pet them or take them on a walk?

How can anyone be lonely
When they really think about
All they truly have to be grateful for
And all the things there really are to do to
Not be lonely?

So refuse to be lonely
Don’t succumb to its demands
To make you feel bitter
And sorry for yourself,
Stand up and fight off loneliness
Isn’t that someone over there that could use a friend?

by Connie Webb

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