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On Long Billed Corellas At Twilight

In the gathering twilight as the sun is going down
On the tall gum trees in the park of the town
The long billed corellas are squawking loudly birds bereft of song
To the cockatoo family they do belong
In their limited range in large numbers they abound
With their long hooked beaks they dig for bulbs and other food in the ground
Like most parrots they nest in a cavity high on a tree
And their pale eggs few have been privileged to see
Of humans they do display a healthy fear
And they do fly away if to them you come near
Many of them do enjoy a long lived life span
And live to be old as a very old woman or man
In the Townpark at twilight on the tall gum trees
Their loud squawking carrying in the freshening breeze.

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