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On Longfellow's Village Blacksmith

When Longfellow penned 'The Village Blacksmith' he wrote of a different way of life
When the farrier shod horses and worked hard in his forge all day to support his kids and wife
But a lot of changes since that time and ways of life have changed since then
The Blacksmiths of Longfellow's time are now antiquated men.

As an example from a more innocent time Longfellow's Blacksmith lives today
He worked hard and in his church with his family did pray
It was of the age of innocence that the famous writer wrote
And the Blacksmith only lives today in the verses of the Poet.

In the twenty first century the Blacksmith seen as out of date
'Tis the billionaire celebrity the scrivener nowadays celebrate
The hard working honest Blacksmith has gone the ways of time
He no longer inspire the writers to story and to rhyme.

When Longfellow penned 'The Village Blacksmith' many decades ago
Of a future of great change he was not to know
A different Land then the U S of A
And a different World from the World of today.

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