MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! On Looking Into A Cot

For you and you alone,
Creation has somehow come about..

for a moment, held its breath
and then, breathed you,
to demonstrate its awesome powers.

For you and you alone,
worlds have collided: not
the planets and the stars
in their graceful distances
(though some say, even they colluded) –

but worlds of cause and mind and body;
for you and you alone,
miracles have become commonplace.

For you and you alone,
the gods invented blue:
painted the windows of your soul
which have yet to focus,
with a blue so delicate yet bright,
so here and yet so far;

eyes that just now for a moment opened,
remained unimpressed,
closed into a smile
at what you still remember deep inside;

For you and you alone,
a lifetime’s been prepared
(some say you wrote the first draft of the script..)
but right now, you and we
live only in the present; may you
live always in that..

For you and you alone, all one,
Love is.
Love that made the world, sustains it; the
infinite electricity of your mother’s touch,
your father’s sheer delight;
for you and you alone, Love is.

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