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On Magpies Singing At Night

The white backed magpie singing in the stillness of the night
In the park his flute is echoing in the October moonlight
A marvellous feathered songster his notes melodious and clear
He always sings his finest in the Springtime of the year
One of a few Australian songbirds to sing under the night sky
During their breeding Season even at night around their borders they do fly
And with young in nest for to defend high on a branch of tree
They sing to warn all others of their right to territory
On the gum trees in the backyard or in the Parkland near
At night as I lay awake in bed them I do often hear
So beautiful to listen to as you lay in bed awake
The song of the Aussie magpie one never could mistake
During their breeding Season from late Winter through the Spring
The white backed Australian magpies all day and all night sing.

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