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Could I Walk Alone?

Could I walk alone as autumn doth end?
Will the winter be kind enough to me?
Do I know what's just round the bend?
Or should I just go ahead and see?

What the heck, what do I care
When the very earth doth reek of blood
And the stench of betrayal permeates the air
I'll walk alone, rain, hail or flood

A little voice calls, ‘Why do you go?
I too will walk the road with you'
Should I wait? I do not know
The road is long, choices are few

Tiny footsteps, quickened breath
‘Just keep going, I'll follow close,
You're not alone', that voice had said
‘I'll watch your back, ‘gainst all foes'

Little heart, go back, don't stay
The road is twisted, long and lonely
Spring is still young, the other way
Summer awaits you, my one and only

I'm here to stay, come what may
You can't walk alone, I won't let you
Though shadows be fading, I'm willing to pay
The price that that has made your life so blue

So hand in hand we walk together
No more alone this journey will be
Through rain and hail and stormy weather
We'll make it through, just you and me.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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