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On Mangan's Cathal Mor

When Mangan wrote of 'Cathal Mor Of The Wine Red hand'
A great ruler of Connacht in the thirteenth century Ireland
His great poem was inspired from Irish oral history
When the people of the West of Ireland knew of great prosperity
Their King Cathal Mor was the ruler supreme
A Godlike figure held in high esteem
His legend as a great leader it did grow
In Connacht seven centuries ago
The poet who glorified Cathal Mor James Clarence Mangan was born in Dublin in 1803
And in 1849 he died in extreme poverty
Ireland's National bard who penned Ireland's National Poem Dark Rosaleen
His name will live in Ireland as long as Irish fields are green
In his historical poetry a poet worthy of note
Arguably his Country's greatest ever poet.

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