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On Mangan

He lived in the famine years the National bard of Ireland
And that he died as a pauper at a young age not hard to understand
Since he was a poor person and tough times he had known
But as a poet James Clarence Mangan was in a class of his own
Life for him was tough one might say Earthly Hell
And the sad story of Ireland became Mangan's story as well
And little use to him now enduring fame
That post bodily death his it has become a legendary name
In eighteen forty nine he died in his forty sixth year his best had not been seen
The author of 'The Woman Of Three Cows' and 'Dark Rosaleen'
And 'A Dream Of Connacht' and 'O Hussey's Ode To Maguire'
Generations of poetry lovers his poetry inspire
He died as a young man without a penny to his name
But his poetry lives on to his enduring fame.

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