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On Margaret Court's Anti Gay Rant

In her prime years the best in the World but in thinking she seems rather small
She has publicly stated she does not like gay people to speak her beliefs is her right
That because Qantas does support gay people she will never more board a Qantas flight
Margaret Court is a religious person and on her religious views quite extreme
Her idea of a fair go does not include everybody which does nothing for her public esteem
She may have been an all time great tennis player the one many tennis fans celebrate
But in her thinking she seems rather ordinary her sort are quite far from great
Because of her sort gay people have suffered Worldwide and have often been reduced to tears
And in some Countries today are publicly flogged and shamed and imprisoned for many years
Margaret Court's anti gay rant on her behalf was not wise as a person she seems far from nice
To her opinions she is quite entitled but some opinions do come at a price
Margaret Court was a great tennis player some rate her as the greatest of all
But as a person she seems rather ordinary since her opinions leaves her seeming small.

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