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On Marriage

That marriage can lead to happiness there is no guarantee
Some marriages does end in acrimony
If there never was marriage would you not agree
We would never know of the word bigamy

Though the fans of marriage are many of course
If we never did have it there would not be divorce
And blamimg and counter blaming that goes on for years
Many marriages that began in love and kisses end in bitterness and tears

A marriage certificate a man does not need
Into a woman for to plant his seed
Nothing to be gained from matrimony
Though many with this would surely not agree

Marriage between people can be a bind
And after a while some out of it does seek ways to find
Many marriages nowadays are not known to last
Matrimony may soon be a thing of the past

Many so in love on the day they were wed
A few years later with someone else does share a bed
Does humanity need marriage is not for me to say
Suppose each to their own and to their own way.

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