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On Mateship

Some talk of their mates and what Mateship's about
But the greatness of Mateship is open to doubt
What is one person's truth is another person's lie
And so few for their mates would be prepared to die.

Some for to meet their mates they do not travel far
They meet them after work in their local bar
They drink the same brand of alcohol and think and speak the same way
That similarity can breed Mateship does seem fair to say.

Nationalism, Patriotism and Mateship not that far apart
Love of the National Flag to some can become an affair of the heart
Our Nation's war history we do celebrate
And the one we see as different cannot be our mate.

Of the praises of their mates some often do sing
But the greatness of Mateship seems an over-blown thing
Since Mateship does seldom transcend creed or race
Though like most things in humanity for it there's some place.

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