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On Maura Sullivan's Illness

I have heard that Maura Sullivan from Main Street in Millstreet Town
Of late has not been feeeling well she's been a little down
But she is feeling better now at least that's what I hear
And that worrying times behind her and happy times so near.

Thinking of Maura Sullivan takes me back many a day
When she and Jim and Mikey backed Millstreet all the way
In football park in Macroom Town the football crowds did roar
And Maura urged on Millstreet for last gasp winning score.

And if Millstreet were beaten for them she shed no tear
She took her beating smiling, saying better luck next year
She never blamed the umpire, the ref she would not blame
She'd say the better team has won and it's all part of the game.

She knows what living life's about, met with adversity
Her husband Jack died years ago and left her with young family
But she faced up to adversity and she seized it by the throat
It's about the Maura Sullivans of this World that stories ought be wrote.

She faced up to adversity made great sorrows seem small
And in the life of Maura Sullivan there's a lesson for us all
She took the good times with the bad and sought no sympathy
And made light of her heavy cross proof of her bravery.

And she will be in Macroom again in not too distant day
To cheer on Millstreet footballers and back them all the way
And if Millstreet happen to lose for them she'll shed no tear
She will smile and say the best team won but better luck next year.

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