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On Meeting A Woman From Kanturk

One can say of her she is ageing with grace
The wrinkles of time on her beautiful face
Her shoulder length wavy hair silvery gray
In the Town of Kanturk she first saw light of day

Though time on the finest eventually does tell
Tall and slender for her years she looks rather well
An octogenarian grandmother from west Melbourne in Warrnambool
Visiting her granddaughter a teacher at a local primary school

I met her in Lake Pertobe Park on a July Winter's day
She seemed surprised and delighted to meet one from Millstreet near her old Hometown far away
We talked of Duhallow for half an hour maybe more
Where she left as a young woman of a year with a score

She talked of Kanturk a Town I used to know
In the heart of Duhallow where the dark Allow flow
Though she has not been back there for forty one years
And for the what used to be she has shed her last tears

In Lake Pertobe Park in Warrnambool a strange place to meet
For a woman from Kanturk and a man from Millstreet
And though she is one I may not meet again
Good memories of meeting her I will retain.

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