On Meeting Mick Kelleher And Mick Kissane

For men more than three score years they do look rather well
Mick Kelleher and Mick Kissane i met them at the Mickey Bourke Hotel
Many miles from Mt Evelyn and San Remo in Koroit's Irish Town
On our four hours drinking session memory lane we went down

Four hours spent with the Millstreet man and Kenmare man did not seem long at all
We talked of Ireland's National games of Hurling and Gaelic Football
Between us we drank a lot of beer a substantial amount
How many drinks i cannot say since i did not keep count

We talked about our nights in the Bayswater pub a few decades ago
Since then so many days gone by and time has become our foe
But for every big session on the beer there is some price to pay
In the headaches and the vomiting of the hangover next day

Mick Kelleher and Mick Kissane well beyond their life's prime
But the Reaper of lives for them will have to wait some time
In Mickey Bourke's pub we drank our beer and reminisced on the past
Our four hour session did not seem long the time did tick on fast.

by Francis Duggan

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