On Mind-Body Bioenergetics That We Embody

This mind-body-brain bioenergetics that we embody
Has been the most exciting phenomenon for me to study
Since our happiness and health depend on this embodiment
Based on how well we can steer the mind-body machine

Conceived as a tiny vortex-energy in the mother's womb
We create our own body by automated gene-expression
While borrowing mother's nutrients via the umbilical chord
Till breathing oxygen at birth by the muscular diaphragm

Mitochondrial ATP is the only fuel for sustained ion-gradient
Across a cell's outer-membrane - a must for cell function
And holding the ion-gradient steady by built-in sodium-pumps
The cells are forever busy sustaining a good housekeeping

There is one of a kind story on our mitochondrial origin
The subcellular factory making bulk ATP for our cells
That, we get mitochondrial-gene solely from our mother
And fathers too inherit the same from their own mother

So, mother is our energy source from conception to death
After sharing her mitochondrial genes by her singular gift
While assuring her loving touch any time we wish to feel
This is how we can explain our mind-body bioenergetics

This brings us to the mystical Consciousness built-in us
As the ultimate support of this universe of vortex structures
Needs to be felt in meditation reaching the quantum zone
When brain is revealed to a person as the final energy center

Staying conscious of this omnipresent Energy in and around us
We live in the ultimate reality in our connected universe
Knowing 'I Am' the center of this Being-and-Becoming game
Where energy vortices are being transformed all the time

by Tushar Ray

Comments (2)

Tushar, I find it fascinating how you have described a fetus, our own body, being created through our genes, we actually create ourselves, when our genes give us, express, our gender and characteristics! All the while mothers nourishing and passing on the mitochondrial gene, from which she generates all life from birth to death while a baby is in her womb. This mystical consciousness then is spirituality already within us from the beginning of life. After we are born it can be attained through meditation because then our brain is the final energy center. So these energy vortices are being transformed continually and we re-energize them according to what the mothers genes continue to tell them and this is how we live until we die. In this poem you have expressed every key, natural and symbiotic, through scientific explanation, the spirituality I can actually see/feel while reading this poem. This is amazing, Tushar. And the sodium pump keeps everything pure and working. Science of it is the sodium pump, the purity is spiritual. It does seem like something essential is missing here. You are making me think so much, Tushar. RoseAnn (have I misconstrued anything? ?)
The combination of science, spirituality and poetry seems natural and symbiotic. empirical analysis alone can not fully elucidate, spiritual openness can add to overall impressions but still leaves something missing. The glue of poetry takes these pieces and unites them into a form that can be shared. Information, knowledge and insight unshared is meaningless.