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On My Knee

Violence begets violence I do believe
Which is the reason why I still grieve,
With revenge or violence I will not ever retaliate
I will not seal my own destiny, and fate.

I fell to my knee to say a prayer
Because people are being treated unfair,
And because that I am so very blessed
I fell to my knee for a peaceful protest.

Man falls to his knee to ask for a woman's hand
He is humbling himself, so he doesn't stand,
It is peace and love that a woman does see
So, man falls down upon his knee.

I fall to my knee when I talk to God
Because he is my Lord and savior, I am awed,
I bow my head out of respect and I ask for peace
I wish for bigotry to end, and hate to cease.

To protest is my American and God given right
No matter if you are red, black, yellow or white,
Our forefathers created this country for you and me
So, for injustice I protest peacefully.

My country is represented by a mighty flag
Sadly though men are represented by colors and a tag,
Peace for all I do protest and plea
So, I humble myself upon my knee.

Randy L. McClave

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Dear friend Randy, you have created a masterpiece. I am fortunate to have come across this poem the theme of which is so close to y heart. It would not be wrong if I say that you have voiced my sentiments. Non-violence, peaceful protest for our rights and above all uncompromising patriotism should be our guiding principles.