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On My Own

i use to think that i couldn't live
without you by my side
but now here i stand on my own
i still think about you day and night
as if nothing changed but it has
you change you became more
bitter but yet still sweet
you ignore me but yet i cannot
blame you for my love is still there
but soon it will be gone like
i was to you nothing but a faded memory
in life that will only get harder to remember
cheers to you for bringing me to my lowest
i still stay up at night thinking about you
and spend sleepless night worrying at what
i would have done wrong for you to treat me
like this were all your words just meaningless...?
were all those promises just dirty lies...?
who knows for not i but only you
but here i stand still alive without you
by my side i am my own person
i can believe in myself now even though
you are not there..........

by Pointless Sixx

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